Getting Started

Meet and Greet
At this initial "meet & greet" we will take a look at your property together and discuss what you want and need.

To give you an appreciation for the range of possibilities we can provide to you, we will show you our portfolio and you can tell us what strikes your fancy. Beyond that, we can also give you references and addresses of gardens we've created. If you would like to, you can swing by them and have a look.

This is your chance to get a first glimpse of the garden we're proposing to create for you.

At this meeting, we take you on a tour of our drawing, area by area, explaining our ideas, and giving you a chance to provide input along the way.

Based on the discussions of this meeting or your thoughts once you have had some time to consider the concept, a revised drawing can be prepared.

Once your Bugaboo Landscaing design has been finalized, we will prepare a comprehensive estimate of the cost involved to turn your design into a reality. Once the estimate has been agreed to, that's the price for the job - no surprises.

If, on the other hand, you already have a professionally prepared landscape design done to scale, we will be happy to bypass the previous steps in the process and provide you with an estimate for its installation.

When we prepare a landscape design, one of our essential steps involves getting to know your likes, dislikes, must-haves and desires. We ensure the final creation is one which incorporates your wishes and is well thought through for appearance, functionality, and flow.

Our comprehensive plan for your property will detail all construction we propose, including walkways, decks, patios, overhead structures, retaining walls and water features. It will also list all of the Chinook friendly trees, plants and flowers we have in mind to create a thriving Calgary landscape.

There is a fee for the design. This fee is determined by the complexity and scope of both the site and the design itself.

At Bugaboo Landscaping, we take pride in keeping our jobs on schedule (as long as Mother Nature allows). Whenever possible, we work on one job at a time from start to finish, so you won't be left living in a construction zone for an extended period of time.

The agreed upon schedule lets you plan around construction. It allows you to have the opportunity to be an integral part of the process all the way through, or to leave town.

Also known as the "build", this phase of the project is where you have your head up, watching your garden take shape, and we at Bugaboo Landscaping have our heads down, taking care of business.

Whether using a crane to bring in the perfect boulder for that perfect spot, or down on our hands and knees placing the final piece of mulch, we take pride in doing it right and doing it well.

And because we respect that this is your home, we always leave the site clean and tidy at the end of each day.

Walk Through
The site walk through is our opportunity to show you all the intricacies of what Bugaboo Landscaping has accomplished. You will often have been part of the development all the way through, so there won't be any surprises.

But there may be things you want to discuss, and questions you need answered. We will review how to take care of your garden in terms of watering, fertilizing, weed control and other horticultural issues.

The walk through is an hour or so of great pride for Bugaboo Landscaping, and for you it is the moment of new beginnings. It pretty much goes without saying that it is one of our favorite parts of landscaping in Calgary!

We guarantee plants (trees and shrubs), materials and workmanship for two years - perhaps the best Calgary landscaping guarantee around. Of course, we also expect you to protect your investment by following proper watering guidelines.